We have lift off! by Lotte Mikkelsen

The Laughter Company (TLC) is off to a great start!

Launching a new company with professionals individuals who all run their own separate companies – how does that even work?


With compassion and passion, insights and drive, along with motivation, creativity and positivity we feel that right now is the moment in time to join our fabulous qualities and visions for empowered, positive change, and therefore we are on a mission to work together, play together, share and care together.

We have launched The Laughter Company (TLC) and we are ready to serve the public with our outstanding laughter-, joy-, happiness- and play-based services.

When things are looking bleak and hope is being challenged by numorous interferences there is no other option than to take account of the situation, feel that gut sensation, and start acting on the instinct to go with the flow that feels right.

There is change happening all over, even in a relatively small community such as the Laughter Sector, and it has been a long way underway that some form of conglomerate of Laughter Professionals would join together to provide the best events, training, workshops, coaching, and therapy to the general public whether individually or in groups.

It is with huge excitement that we are teaming up with an aim to address all the various needs and requirements that can be tackled with a bit of shared laughter, e.g. stress management, teamwork, communication and confidence boosts are among our strengths – and we are here to serve.

Welcome to the place where second to none laughter facilitation happens!

We are your Laughter Company (TLC) Partners.

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