A long time ago? by Robin Graham

It started for me a long time ago.

Sometimes when you ask laughter people, “How long ago?” we like to say, “It all started when I was six weeks old”.  And for most of us it did because generally laughter comes to us all after four or five or six weeks after birth.  And, of course, when I say, “It all started when I was six weeks old” I think it’s funny and clever.  But when anyone else says it then it isn’t funny.  Or clever.  After all, I was first person ever to say it, wasn’t I?  But now everyone’s saying it.  Or so it seems.

Humour is individual.   Laughter is universal.  This is the point.  I might find something funny but maybe you don’t get it, have heard it before, seen it before, you think it’s not in good taste, or have some other judgement on it.  We can use humour appropriately at work and home, and I shall write more about that over the coming blogs.  But when we laugh together, yes laugh, yes together, then it is a beautiful powering, empowering, sharing things that we do.

I thought the first paragraph above was quite funny, but for many it isn’t funny.  Some of you may still be looking at it blankly.  And that’s fine too.  The humour is mine.  The laughter is ours.

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