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At The Laughter Company (TLC) we strive to provide you with the very top of the best presenters, key-notes, teachers, and facilitators.

The Laughter Company (TLC) Team are professionals who have been running their own businesses for many years and all of us are Laughter Ambassadors and Laughter Yoga Teachers with many other talents and qualifications which combined with our passion and compassion for creating positive change, health, stressfree environments and great people gives you a competent and dedicated choice for your event across the country.

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Our Team at your Service

I am a Laughter Consultant and the first International Ambassador for Laughter for all Ethiopia.

    Robin Graham Partner and Laughter Ambassador

    I deliver a whole range of soft-skills training including NLP, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence and communications skills.

      Sue Haswell Partner and Laughter Ambassador

      Our International Partners

        Linda Leclerc International Partner and Laughter Ambassador